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Elko Nevada Ellison

John Ellison hails from the heart of Elko, where he was born and raised in a proud ranching family. He embodies the spirit of the cowboy philosopher, finding comfort in the well-worn contours of his Bailey cowhand hat. A dedicated family man, a small business owner, a skilled electrician, and a fervent advocate for Second Amendment rights in Nevada, John's life is a tapestry of service and principles.


As an Assemblyman, John Ellison emerged as a stalwart champion of conservative values and policies for the Silver State. His dedication earned him accolades from prominent conservative organizations such as The American Conservative Union and the National Rifle Association, solidifying his reputation as one of Nevada's foremost conservative voices.

With a rich history of leadership and a commitment to his community, John Ellison embodies the essence of a dedicated public servant and a staunch defender of conservative values in Nevada. Now he's running for State Senate so he can continue standing up for our values.

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PO Box 683 Elko, NV 89803 |  |  Tel: 775-934-6611

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